*** We have recently changed our name from Melting Mom to Rebel Retrievers ***


Our Girl

Rebels Punkins Lil Lady

Call name : Lady

Lady is our 3yo chocolate lab who doesn't realize she isn't one of our human children.  Lady is the biggest love bug you will ever meet.  She loves giving hugs and cuddling.  She is also an amazing duck dog when her human Dad takes her hunting.   Lady was brought home at 12 weeks old and by 18 weeks old she was doing 30 yard retrieves with no formal training.  Lady is the perfect mix of a gun dog and a companion. 


Lady's Details

AKC # SR90755004

UKC # R290180

Weight: 70.2 lbs
Born: August 22, 2015

OFA Hips # LR-240825G44F-VPI (Good)

OFA Elbows # LR-EL90227F44-VPI (Normal)

CNM: LR-CNM2491/45F-PI (Clear)
DM: LR-DM1131/45F-PI (Normal)

EIC: LR-EIC5091/45F-PI (Clear)
HNP: LR-HNP867/45F-PI (Clear)

PRA-prcd: LR-PRA2357/45F-PI (Clear)

RD/OSD: LR-RDY848/45F-PI (Normal)

SD2: LR-SD2-23/45F-PI (Normal)

Coat Color: 

bbEE (Chocolate, no hidden colors)



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